Stress Management - Relax Anywhere

I think everyone experiences a certain amount of stress in their lives. Is there such thing as a healthy amount of stress? If so, how do we define that "healthy level", and is that healthy level for you going to be the same healthy level for me? Probably not.

So how do we determine how much stress is too much? Easy, if it is interfering with your quality of life and you find yourself engaging in harmful behaviors to cope with your stress, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, working too much or too little, withdrawing from loved ones, or feeling depressed and overwhelmed, then you are more than likely "stressed out."

The dangers of long-term untreated stress can be quite serious. Hypnosis can provide the positive changes you are looking for, and you can get the help you need in one to three sessions, on average.

How Does This Work?

At Intuitive Hypnosis of Hillsboro, Oregon, I will work closely with you to identify the specific triggers/situations that create stress in your life. Through the use of imagery and hypnosis, I will give you the skills you need to separate situational variables that you can do something about from those that you cannot, thereby reducing the feelings of being overwhelmed and over committed. Under hypnosis, I will teach you how to give yourself a trigger, or signal, that works in any situation immediately causing your physical body to relax. This will allow you to maintain a healthy heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate, as well as a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.

The health benefits of stress reduction are clear. If you are ready to regulate your blood pressure, your heart rate, your respiration rate, and regain the feeling of being in control, please call me, Debbie Taylor, at 503.312.4660. Or, send me an email : List of Intuitive Hypnosis' Services