Hypnosis to Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Pain is like a burglar alarm. It alerts us to an immediate problem. It is extremely important to obtain a good medical evaluation and proper treatment of any injury or disease we may have. Once you have been evaluated, learned the cause of the problem and begun proper treatment, then you no longer have use for the pain. What can we do with pain which, like the burglar alarm that can't be disconnected, continues to irritate us?

Through hypnosis you can control any type of non-useful pain while leaving your alarm system intact. It is very important in the field of pain management not to try eliminating all pain, but to be selective. After an initial consultation with you in regard to your specific situation, and a referral from your physician, I will design a specific program for you that will eventually either relieve your pain, or dramatically diminish the severity of it.

Effects Over Time

Unlike with drugs, there is no tolerance level with hypnosis. The benefits build and get stronger with practice.

Other Types of Pain

Hypnosis can also help with dental pain, child birth pain, and other non-disease related discomfort. How does it work? With the use of hypnosis I can teach your body to make use of the built-in pain relievers we were all born with. I will also teach you how to focus on other parts of your body that are not in pain, thereby decreasing the attention and intensity of discomfort you may be experiencing.

Get Started Now

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