Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answered in video format

After over a decade of working with clients as a consulting hypnotist I have identified certain questions that are frequently asked. Some have to do with hypnosis itself and others have to do with the logistics of scheduling and what to expect at your appointment. I have made a series of short videos to answer these questions, which are listed below beginning with What is Hypnosis?, followed by a group of videos relevant to first time clients and finishing up with more general questions about hypnosis.

If after watching these videos you still have questions please contact me via the Contact Form, or call me at (503) 312-4660. ~ Debbie

What is Hypnosis?

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What is Hypnosis?

First Time Clients at Intuitive Hypnosis - Playlist

Questions frequently asked by clients coming in for the first time - Playlist

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Where Are You Located?

Can I Bring Someone With Me To My Hypnosis Session?

Will my Medication Interfere With my Ability to be Hypnotized?

Will it Be Safe for me to Drive Home After my Hypnosis Session?

What Happens During the Appointment? What Can I Expect?

What Should I do to Prepare for my Session?

What is Your Background and How Long Have You Been Doing This?

I Don't Have a Printer. Can I Fill Out the Forms In Your Office?

How Much Does it Cost for a Session?

Does Insurance Pay For Hypnosis?

How Long Will It Take Before I Notice Some Change?

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

What if it Doesn't Work?

How Will You Get My Recording to Me?

How Many Sessions Does it Take to Change a Habit?

Does Hypnosis Still Work if I Fall Asleep Listening To The Recording?

Can You Help Me Forget a Traumatic Experience?

General Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

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Will the Changes I Make Last Forever?

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

I've Seen Stage Hypnosis. Are Those People Really Hypnotized?

Is Hypnosis the Same as Sleep?

Is Hypnosis a Truth Syrum?

Can Mentally Ill People Be Hypnotized?

Can I Get Stuck in Hypnosis?

Can Hypnosis Make My Husband Stop Snoring?

Can Hypnosis Make Me Do Things I Don't Want To Do?

Can Hypnosis Improve My Memory?

Can Hypnosis Help Me Quit Drinking Alcohol?


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