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On this page you will find a list of FREE downloads available from Intuitive Hypnosis of Hillsboro, Oregon.

Self Hypnosis

Free Audio Download!

A two-part audio program to learn how to hypnotize oneself.

This free audio program is brought to you in two sections. Part 1 introduces the subject of self hypnosis and gives guidelines for how to prepare oneself. The introduction provides you with a brief explanation of the Self Hypnosis program, its purpose, and offers some helpful hints to ensure that you get the most out of it. Part 2 is a guided relaxation session with a musical background.

The free Self Hypnosis program is designed to teach you how to hypnotize yourself either for the simple pleasure of learning deep relaxation or, to allow yourself to reach a deep hypnotic state where you can offer positive suggestions to your subconscious mind for your well being.

With practice, you will be able to wean yourself from the use of the Self Hypnosis recording and take yourself into a deeply relaxed state on your own. Through repetition you will find that each time you take yourself into hypnosis, you will go deeper more quickly than the time before.

Adding meditative music to the background of your self hypnosis sessions can help you to reach even deeper states of relaxation. It is here that you can offer suggestions to your subconscious mind. It is recommended that you focus on one to two suggestions at a time, and work with those until you see the changes you desire.

Download Self Hypnosis  (Zipped file containing both sections. Download size: 10.4 MB. Total playing time: 11:49)

How to Write Suggestions

Free PDF Download!

Six guidelines for writing suggestions for use in self hypnosis sessions.

Writing suggestions is fun and easy! However, your subconscious mind is very literal, and will take your words very seriously. It is for this reason that I highly suggest reading this PDF on how to write suggestions correctly. For example, if you give yourself a suggestion that is poorly worded, you may end up with the opposite results you were expecting.

If you say "I don't want to eat too much anymore," your subconscious hears, "Want to eat too much anymore," and will gladly oblige. However, if you say, "I am good at eating healthy foods, and I enjoy eating small portions," then that is what your subconscious mind will hear. Practice writing your suggestions and have one or two ready for your next self hypnosis session. Once you are in a deeply relaxed state, repeat your positive suggestion over and over, and visualize the results you want. You'll love the results!

Download How to Write Suggestions  (PDF file size: 50.7 KB)

Download 'Em All!

Free Combined Download!

The Self Hypnosis audios parts 1 and 2 and the How to Write Suggestions PDF bundled in a single zipped file.  Download 'Em All!  (Download size: 10.4 MB)

Hypnosis Articles

Free PDF Downloads!

Here are some articles about hypnosis in PDF format for your download pleasure.

Can Hypnosis Make You Thin?

An article edited by Debbie Taylor MA, CH on using hypnosis to lose weight.
Download Can Hypnosis Make You Thin?

Articles provided by the World Hypnotism Day website