Enhance Academic Performance with Hypnosis

As a former school teacher, I have seen firsthand how hypnosis can improve academic performance. I also know firsthand that the reasons for poor academic performance are varied and complex.

Poor academic performance can be the result of poor memory, sleep disorders, drug interactions, poor nutrition, ADHD, ADD, emotional disorders, mental illness, personal stress, test anxiety, unstable living conditions, and much, much more. Experiencing poor academic performance can be very stressful on many different levels. Unfortunately, this stress only serves to exacerbate the condition, often leading to more stress and often depression.

Relax Under Pressure

With the use of NLP and hypnosis, I can help you increase your academic performance by first showing you how to relax. When we are under stress, our bodies automatically go into what we call the "fight or flight" response. This is great if you need to defend yourself, or run away from a situation, but not so great if you need to recall math or reading skills. Under this fight or flight response our bodies actually divert much of our blood flow from our brain to our extremities. This decreases our ability to access the parts of our brain needed for memory and recall. If you have ever been in a testing situation, under stress, and have felt like your mind just went blank, it's not your imagination!

Once you learn how to keep your mind and body in a relaxed state, you will see improvements in your ability to recall information, but it doesn't stop there. At Intuitive Hypnosis of Hillsboro, Oregon, I will work closely with you to develop a program designed specifically for your situation.

Academic Success Can Be Yours Now

It IS possible to realize the positive changes you want to see in your academic performance. If you struggle with academic performance despite the best of intentions and efforts, call me, Debbie Taylor, at 503.312.4660. Or send an email today : List of Intuitive Hypnosis' Services